Art Works

I never had much luck with traditional art, despite repeated attempts. Digital art on the other hand agrees with me. I got proficient at POV-Ray at one point, but grew tired and took a long break before picking up OpenSCAD. In the mean time it's been mostly small vector art pieces.

Take this icon for example:

A pink cat's pawprint symbol.

It was initially the centerpiece of a text adventure cover (published under my real name). But then I figured, hey. Might as well use it more. So here it is.

Or see the portrait on the homepage:

A white cat in purple wizard robe and hat, carrying a staff with a pawprint symbol.

That was originally made for a game, or rather a tech demo, except in the game Wizard Claude can only be seen from behind. So I was free to use this piece elsewhere. Speaking of which, here's an 88x31 button, just for you:

Head of a white cat in purple wizard hat, and a staff with a pawprint symbol.

There are more small icons scattered throughout this website, and I plan to keep making them. But for now, this placeholder page will have to do. Thanks!

, 2 September 2021