Furry fiction

I started writing furry fiction in December 2011. It was instrumental in changing my outlook on storytelling and worldbuilding and allowing me to live a childhood dream. So far, I have two main series:

As of 9 March 2021, I completed Riders of the Dream, a 19K-word novella where Star Trek meets Jules Verne in a surreal setting that mirrors the real world in more than one way. (See also: plain text version.)

But every writer is first a reader, so here are some of my favorite books (also furry, of course).

Furry blogging

Speaking of books, look what I found! My old e-book guide that I'd almost forgotten about. Much more recent is my idea garden.

In unrelated news, here's a copy of my FurAffinity journal that I kept there for 7 years. Ironically enough, that's how many posts there are. At least for now.

Many more thoughts on writing accumulated on my Dreamwidth blog in my first two years there.