Favorite furry fiction

Because every writer is first a reader.

From Smashwords

A purple flower made of simple shapes, like a child's doodle.
A pink cat's pawprint symbol.

Trap Me! - Finally, a Happy Gay Furry Adventure

The Sons of Masguard duology:

  1. The Mosque Hill Fortune
  2. Guardian's Rise

The Descent Trilogy:

  1. Descent from Man
  2. Descent into Madness
  3. Descent Into Hell

The David Birkenhead series:

  1. Ship's Boy
  2. Midshipman
  3. Lieutenant
  4. Commander
  5. Captain
  6. Commodore
  7. Admiral

Last but not least, Outfox: not intended as furry, but features shapeshifting alien kitsune.

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