When webcomics defy genre: Wish & Will

This was supposed to be an overview of my favorite webcomics, but the more I thought, it became obvious that out of the too many in my feed reader, some of them excellent, there's one in particular I wait for every week, discuss with my best friend and so on: Wish & Will.

(The words "Wish & Will" caligraphed next to artwork of two young men in love.)

To start with the obvious: Wish & Will is yaoi. Don't say I didn't warn you. It has many of the usual cliches, too, if very well handled.

More importantly, however, it's a damn good fantasy story that takes place in a world at war with dark forces. A world of political intrigue, where deadly conspiracies are a more immediate danger than a distant enemy. And you know the old question of how society would treat people with superhuman abilities? Star Trek and the Marvel Universe have famously tackled the issue; Wish & Will is pretty much written around it. Oh, and if you happen to like orcs, there's a rather special one in there.

Wish & Will is also gorgeous. Doubly so as other comics with 3D graphics have a mixed track record in that department. Characters are stunningly beautiful, environments are lush, and the whole thing says "exotic". A living, multi-layered world is probably part of why the art works so well. Be sure to check the voting incentives on TopWebComics: few creators manage to make them not just worthwhile but genuinely collectible.

Last but not least, it has the sex scenes and eye candy you might expect from my initial warning. They don't happen too often, or overstay their welcome, and they're tasteful for a change. I wish (hah!) this wasn't so remarkable.

Guess this turned into a review after all. Oh well, it's entirely deserved. Enjoy, thanks for reading, and see you around.