But who's the enemy?

Considering how hard George Lucas worked to make the Galactic Empire into a bunch of cartoon Nazis, a surprising number of Star Wars fans never got the message. I mean, between literal Stormtroopers, officer uniforms, and the use of superweapons to commit genocide, it should be obvious, right? But it never is.

It's even harder to notice the problem with those other guys in the story, whom we're supposed to root for. And it's almost always guys. You know, those who:

At least Sith Lords just want to rule. Jedi want to tell you how to think.

It gets worse.

In the original series of Star Trek, Scotty is fat and has a drinking problem, Spock is permanently conflicted over his emotions, while Bones is a religious man from the US South. All that is portrayed as normal and part of life. Fast forward to The Next Generation, everyone is fit, trim, and in shape. Moreover, everyone is well-balanced. (Well, apart from Barclay, and doesn't that one episode leave you with a bitter taste?) Counselor Troy is mostly there to tell Picard that other people they meet have, wait for it, feelings.

Worse, no-one is ever angry, except when they want to make a point, and everyone is an atheist. Except for "backwards" aliens like Worf, who follows Klingon religious rituals, and even his best friend Riker struggles to show him respect.

Also, everyone is tall and beautiful in TNG, and everyone has perfect teeth. Except for the Ferengi, who are short and have crooked fangs. They're also greedy, cowardly, duplicitous and they own every business. Sounds familiar?

We've banned Nazi flags and other symbols after WW2, driving them underground, and patted ourselves on the back for a job well done. Yet a few decades later Hollywood was gleefully promoting their views, from antisemitism to eugenics. Guess they couldn't have done that while war veterans like Gene Roddenberry were still around to smack sense into them.

Wanna venture a guess as to how Watto managed to slip through the entire production pipeline of a big-budget movie? This doesn't happen by accident.

But sure, we're the good guys. All the best intentions here. We can do no wrong.