Furry fiction

I started writing furry fiction in December 2011. It was instrumental in changing my outlook on storytelling and worldbuilding and allowing me to live a childhood dream. So far, I have two main series:

As of spring 2021, I completed Riders of the Dream, a 19K-word novella where Star Trek meets Jules Verne in a surreal setting that mirrors the real world in more than one way. (See also: plain text version.) It very quickly spawned a shared setting, and as of autumn 2022 volume one is out in e-book and POD editions, edited by John Sanders. For more details, see my wiki of the setting, always a work in progress.

My second novella in the series, Dream of the Machine, is complete as of winter 2022 (see also: plain text version), and features in volume two as of summer 2023.

(By the way, I also cameo in a couple of stories by Kantuck: In the Beginning, and Before Times.)

And now for some non-fiction. I recently brought here my collection of writing advice.

But every writer is first a reader, so here are some of my favorite books (also furry, of course).

Speaking of books, look what I found! My old e-book guide that I'd almost forgotten about.

Furry blogging

In unrelated news, here's a copy of my FurAffinity journal that I kept there for 7 years. Ironically enough, that's how many posts there are. At least for now.

Many more thoughts on writing accumulated on my Dreamwidth journal in my first two years there, and even more shorter posts.